Is someone close to you affected by sarcoma? Come and join us at our friendly support group
Is someone close to you affected by sarcoma? Come and join us at our friendly support group

We meet on a Wednesday in January, March, May, July, September and November.

After three years of online only
we are back meeting in person at

The Grove Hotel
2 Grove Rd, East Cliff,
Bournemouth BH1 3AU
Tel: 01202 12 00 66

Our next meeting is on

Wednesday 11th September 2024 at 2pm


We have had a number of successful social events, including Tea Parties to celebrate Sarcoma Awareness Week where we were joined by old and new friends.

Go to our meetings page for dates of meetings and Social Events for photos of social events.

Hotel Du Vin

In between times we do meet up socially at various locations in the south.

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  1. Seems I have just missed your last meeting, I have a reccurrence of a rabdomysarcoma in my thigh. I've been nine years clear, mr skene at Bournemouth hospital did my first operation but this time have to go to Royal marsden, 2nd Feb . Would have been interesting to hear anyone's views or experience .

  2. I had an operation for a sarcoma at the Royal Marsden. I found the surgeons and nurses were gifted and caring.

    The surgery was brilliant although there were some complications which, because of the size of my sarcoma were not wholly unexpected.

    There are some criticisms. I felt that the infection control was better in Southampton. The turnover of staff at the Marsden is high as a lot of the staff come from overseas just to get experience of the Marsden. I felt that the nurses in Southampton were on average more experienced but perhaps under more pressure in the wards than at the Marsden.

    But there is no doubt that the Royal Marsden is hugely competent in treating sarcomas.

    1. Well here I am again with recurrence number 3 , I’ve also had bowel cancer last year . Has anyone else had Sarcoma in same place 3 times ?

  3. Karen, you would be most welcome to come to our meeting next week where you would get the opportunity to talk to other people about their experiences. Steve

  4. Hi there,
    I have recently been diagnosed with rabdomysarcoma.
    I will be starting treatment at The Royal Marsden in London this Thursday 18th.
    I live in Three Legged Cross, and would like to join your support group.

  5. Jill, you are very welcome to join our group. Our next meeting is not until September but I will email you.

    1. Hello, I have recently been diagnosed with Stage 3 synovial sarcoma. Treatment will start on Thursday. I am very interested in attending the next event in September if I can?!

        1. Hello,
          I have just had an osteosarcoma removed at Royal
          Brompton. Would like to attend the November meeting if possible please. I am near Southampton. Perhaps you could send details ? Thank you best wishes.

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