We meet on a Wednesday in January, March, May, July, September and November

Meetings are scheduled for the following Wednesdays:

2022 12th January Online
9th March Online
11th May Online
13th July Online
14th September Online
9th November Online
2021 13th January Online
10th March Online
12th May Online
14th July Online
8th September Online
10th November Online
2020 15th January Bournemouth
23rd April Online
8th July Online
16th September Online
11th November Online
2019 9th January Bournemouth
13th March Bournemouth
8th May Bournemouth
10th July Bournemouth
11th September Bournemouth
13th November Bournemouth
2018 10th January Bournemouth
14th March Bournemouth
9th May Bournemouth
11th July Bournemouth
12th September Bournemouth
14th November Bournemouth
2017 11th January Bournemouth
8th March Bournemouth
10th May Bournemouth
12th July Bournemouth
13th September Bournemouth
8th November Bournemouth
2016 13th January Bournemouth
9th March Bournemouth
11th May Bournemouth
13th July Bournemouth
14th September Bournemouth
9th November Bournemouth
2015 14th January Bournemouth
11th March Southampton
13th May Bournemouth
8th July Southampton
9th September Bournemouth
11th November Bournemouth


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