Cross Cancer Out Campaign

As part of Cancer Research UK’s “Cross Cancer Out” General Election campaign, if you go to it will enable you to email your parliamentary candidates about the need to improve cancer survival in the UK. The site will find the details of your candidates for you and email them, including an optional message from you.

My personal message was:
Sarcoma is a rare form of cancer and is often not spotted early enough by GPs or hospitals with survival rates only 55%. We need to put more resources into early diagnosis.

Message from Cancer Research UK:

Here are details about our ‘Cross Cancer Out’ General Election campaign which we have launched today. Our aim with this campaign is to ensure that tackling cancer is a political priority for all parties. We will be doing a lot of work in the coming months up to the election to raise public support and get these messages across MPs and parliamentary candidates.

The ‘Cross Cancer Out’ campaign will focus on a number of key commitments aimed at improving cancer survival in the UK including:

  • Equal access to innovative radiotherapy, surgery and effective cancer drugs, including drugs targeted to patients’ tumours;
  • Continued support for campaigns to raise public awareness of the signs and symptoms of cancer;
  • A commitment to increase participation in the national bowel cancer screening programme.

As you can see, access to treatments – including improving radiotherapy – features strongly in the campaign.

Further information and actions can be found on the website:

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