Dorset Cancer Patient Group

Last week I went to a Steering Group meeting of the new Dorset Cancer Patient Group which is in the process of being established with the support of Macmillan and local hospital trusts and oncologists.

Before the dissolution of the Dorset Cancer Network (DCN) there was an active and successful Patient Partnership Panel whose aim was to improve cancer services locally. They were trained and supported by the DCN and attended meetings as cancer patent representatives, were involved in a wide variety of projects including improving chemotherapy and radiotherapy services and being involved in Peer Review.

A few of these panel members kept meeting without any support as they did not want to lose the expertise that had been earned. Recently with the establishment of the new Dorset Cancer Alliance and its support, the new Dorset Cancer Patient Group is going to be launched soon.

At the moment we are working hard on designing leaflets and posters to publicise the group and recruit new members and let health care workers know that wanting to continue with our work to improve cancer services in Dorset. Watch this space for more information.


  1. Hi,

    I wonder if you would be able to help me in any way no matter how small, with a Charity Event that I have organised for the evening of February 7 2015.

    I have hired The Allendale Centre in Wimborne and Local Band 'The Alibi' in order to raise funds for Cancer Research UK and Poole Hospital Ladybird (Breast Care) Unit. I have a maximum of 400 tickets to sell (due to max' numbers allowed by Fire Regulations) at £10.00 each. There will be a Raffle for which I have already been pledged some great prizes and I have a Representative coming from Cancer Research UK to give a short talk during the Band's break on the importance of self examination and early detection.

    I strongly believe that The Alibi are one of Dorset's Finest Covers Bands. – I would hope that my 'opinion' has at least a 'little credibility' due to my own qualifications and experience in Music along with my own love and interest in the local Live Music 'scene.'

    My motivation for organising this event is that my wife was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in July at the age of 52 when she went for her first routine mammogram. This was a complete and utter shock. There is no known history of Breast Cancer on my wife's side of the family. We live in a very small Cul-De-Sac where most of us know each other very well. In a Cul-De-Sac of about a dozen houses, at least four of the households have been affected by Cancer in our sixteen years here including sadly three fatalities. It really brings home how common the disease is and how a lack of family history does not mean that you are immune to the disease. My Sister in Law on my wife's side ignored her appointments for routine Mammograms for years until my wife's diagnosis. – She has since been and is clear.

    I am determined to make this a great evening. If just one person's health benefits from the evening either because of the funds raised or due to the advice that will be given during the evening, it will all have been worth it.

    The Event is called "Come in Pink" and everybody is being encouraged to wear something pink for the evening – "the more outrageous the better". The Alibi's Manager tells me that she has even got the band members to agree to wear pink for the evening! There is going to be a 'Coronation Ceremony' and prize for the best dressed person in pink as judged by the audience.

    This event has received a massive amount of local publicity. It is being sponsored by Wimborne Women in Business who are keen that this becomes an Annual Event.

    I am 'sweating' on selling all 400 tickets as I am contracted to pay The Alibi and The Allendale Centre regardless. I will be deeply embarrassed (not to mention out of pocket) unless I sell enough tickets to cover the expenses and raise enough money to make a worthwhile contribution to two very worthy causes!

    My contact at Cancer Research UK is Emma Minshull [] who I'm sure would be more than happy to confirm that I have the Charity's permission to advertise this event. My contacts at Poole Hospital are The Fundraising Unit, although we have also dealt direct with my wife's fantastic Consultant Miss Abigail Evans who is the Senior Consultant in charge of The Ladybird Unit.

    I have attached a copy of the event poster in three different file types, a QR code linking to a fantastic Video Promo that was donated by Martyn Brown at Marketing Bugle and a draft of an editorial that I have written for our Local Community Magazine. Dorset Magazine have also expressed an interest in doing an article on the event and the background to the event.

    Any help no matter how small would be very much appreciated.

    Steve Cassidy

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